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“I’m sorry the house is a mess!”, “My kids are going to be a handful, just to let you know!”, “Apologies in advance, we’re not photogenic people!”

Those are just some of things my families often say to me at some point during their shoot. But hold on, so what if your house is a mess? And so what if your kids want to run around instead of sitting still for the camera? And so what if you don’t look like Kate Moss? You never need to apologise for these things, ever! Life isn’t perfect. Family life, even more imperfect. And that’s the beauty of it. 

I don’t ever remember my house being sparkly clean when I was a child, but I remember being able to make a mess whenever I wanted to, and have fun with it. Your kids probably won’t remember how much of a mess your house was at any given point, but they’d remember all the fun they had while making that mess! 

When you think about family photoshoot, I want you to think back to photos from your own childhood, taken at your first home ever, or better yet, at your grandparent’s. I want to take you down memory lane and then I want to bring you back to your authentic family life now, the way your kids are, the way YOU are as a family. After all, thats what makes your family’s story different than the rest, right?