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YOU DID IT! Well done, you superhuman! It’s official, there’s nothing you can’t do from this point on!

What a journey (and a long way to go too)! Let’s get to the gist of it, what is the best way to document this journey now that you’re heavily sleep-deprived and forever covered in baby vomits?I come to you, is the answer. Either in hospital, for your first 3 days after giving birth, documentary style. OR in-home, cosy and relaxed, within the first week and a half of you having a baby.

I’m all for pretty pictures of sleeping babies taken in a studio, wrapped up in cute muslin with a flower headband.. but I want MORE. I want pretty pictures that are meaningful pictures! I want stories of the parents who just birthed this beautiful soul, I want baby asleep in their thoughtfully-put-together nursery, and I want the quiet moments of breastfeeding, because they are all a part of it.

The days are long but the years are short. It’s hard enough adjusting to the new life, let’s spare the trip outside the house and let’s capture moments within instead.