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Weddings & Elopement

Oh weddings! The celebration of love. Where shall I begin?!

One of my favourite things about doing weddings is the process of getting to know my couples, the essence of them. Being taken on a journey when they first met allllll the way until they’re about to seal everything with a sweet “I do”. I love the way they look at each other and that soft look in their eye, a loved-up disbelief that everything has led them to this moment, together. And on the day, every worry melts away, happy tears are shed, there is love. all. around. It’s a day worth celebrating a million times over, and it’s definitely a day to remember for eternity. What’s not to love about this, right?! 

Whether you’re eloping at a secluded beach, or having a 500-person wedding, call me up. I’ll be your hype person on the day, and your photographer (obv),  and your professional cake eater (after you cut it of course). Give me that end-of-night-so-happy-you-could-burst-feeling-but-also-might-just-crash-and-sleep feeling.

Don’t you just love LOVE